Pest Repeller Ultimate Review: The Guardian

Pest Repeller Ultimate:

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The Guardian by Good Life LLC

The Guardian is the pest control industry’s first indoor/outdoor pest repeller and carefully designed with a tremendous amount of research and investment.

The Guardian encompasses every conventional and innovative pest-repelling technique while staying completely affordable.

Audible Sound Waves

This humane device emits different noise frequencies to ward off pests instead of using poisonous chemicals, making it the safest and most environmentally friendly pest repeller on the market.

You can custom set The Guardian to fit any of your pest problem needs with a simple set of controls.

The Guardian even offers services beyond repelling pests like working as an intruder alarm with a protective police-like siren.

This feature packed pest repeller offers the latest in technology and is unparalleled in success.

Good Life has several patents protecting The Guardian’s superior technology and we are confident it will take years before the competition catches up.

Twelve Features in One Premium Unit!

Good Life Guardian for Outdoors

Indoor Pest Control
Works great in the attic for bat or squirrel problems as well as below the house for rodent problems. Can also be used in the house as a personal safety device
Outdoor Pest Control
Use the Guardian™ on your porch, patio, front yard, bark yard, shed, or storage building to repel most common outdoor pests.
Personal Safety Device
With the motion trigger set to your preferred sensitivity, any movement by a burglar will elicit a police-like siren and flashing strobe light – assuring any intruder is long gone in moments. Use it indoors while you’re on vacation or outdoors while you sleep.
Motion Sensor Mode
The Guardian™ has an exclusive adjustable motion sensor that lets you repel pests from up to 100 away.
Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity
You may adjustable the motion sensor to repel pests anywhere from 5 – 100 away.
Continuous Activation Mode
For pests that are too small to activate the motion sensor, we’ve added a Continuous Mode that will emit the pest repelling sounds or strobe light constantly.
Select a Pest™ Technology
With our exclusive Select A Pest™ technology, you can set The Guardian™ to repel a specific pest. Now you can get rid of that skunk under your deck without sending your pet bird into a frenzy.
Exclusive Key Chain Remote
The Guardian™ is the only pest repeller to include a convenient remote control that allows you to activate the Guardian from up to 75 ft away!
Sonic (Audible) Mode
Powerful alarm that is audible to humans. Best used outside or inside when using the Guardian as a personal safety device.
Ultrasonic (Inaudible) Mode
This mode emits sounds that are inaudible to humans. Best used when the Guardian is used indoors or outdoors when you do not want the sound to be heard.
Strobe Light
Powerful flashing light that can be used with the sonic/ultrasonic sounds or by itself.
Triple Power Option
Power your Guardian by: 1) Batteries, 2) AC Adapter, or 3) Rechargeable Battery Pack (sold separately)

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The Pest Repeller SG

Other products from Good Life LLC include The Bird Gard Pro, The Dog Silencer Pro and a variety of ultrasonic and conventional pest control devices.

Every electronic pest control device produced by Good Life all utilize Good Life’s “Three Pest Control Technologies”.

Three Pest Control Technologies

Pest Control Information Links

This page links you to information on Pests and Pest specific Pest Control.

Taking some simple and easy steps to Control Pests is an important part of the Pest Repeller Program and optimizes the use of its Electronic Pest Control Products.

The Use of our Electronic Pest Control Products and these necessary steps are known as Integrated Pest Management.

If you follow the Household Pest Control Suggestions and use our Electronic Pest Control Products you will see optimal pest repeller results and conquer your Pest infestations.

One side effect you will have a safer, healthier and of course pest free environment for you and your family.

Rat & Mice (Rodent) Control

Ant Control

Spider Control

Roach Control

Flea Control

Fly Control

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Sony Rewards

Pest Repeller Ultimate


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